I hiked.

Sophia · 1 year ago

The Osceolas were beautiful!

Rebekah · 2 years ago

I loved this hike!

Jillian · 3 years ago

Loved the view!

Jillian · 3 years ago

Snapper + Carriage up, Benton + Asquam Ridge down. Forecast was low 50s/mid 30s, mild wind, sunny—surprisingly beautiful, mild day for this late in the season!

Rebekah · 3 years ago

Weather was in the mid-40s to mid-50s and misty/foggy. Trail was mostly rock-free and lovely; the mile between Starr King and Waumbek was perfect.

Rebekah · 3 years ago

Wish I'd brought more water!

Jamal · 3 years ago

Easy climb (though rocky) to Osceola, then some sharper descents/ascents (though manageable) to East Osceola, then back. Took the detour down the chimney, but climbed directly back up! First time with new Osprey pack!

Rebekah · 3 years ago

First 4000 footer! Second mile-ish (from 1-1.75) was a tough, rocky scramble. Weather in the high 50s/low 60s at the trailhead, mostly sunny.

Rebekah · 3 years ago

Great day for a hike!

Mike · 3 years ago